Monday, October 6, 2014


...I'm still going to Bandon Dunes!

In just a couple of days, I depart sunny San Diego and head up to Eugene, Oregon.  Meet up with my brother-in-law "Village," rent a car and drive to Bandon, OR.  Our pal - Michael Richard Martin - is driving up from San Diego and will meet us there.  Mike (aka "Walt") Ruppert was going to join us, but he didn't think his stamina was up to the task.

Stamina?  ...what stinkin stamina?  Well you see, we're going to play 4 or 5 rounds up there at Bandon Dunes (BD).  BD is a very popular stop for "buddies golf trips."  Some have called it "the Myrtle Beach of the Pacific"...except this Myrtle Beach looks more like Scotland.

BD is supposed to deliver all the charm of links golf, including the weather.  Can you say "rain gear?"  And...I should riding carts.  What?  Yes, let me state that again for the "reading impaired" - no riding carts.  Golfers must walk.  You may take a pull (or push) cart and you may hire a caddy, but you ain't riding!

The walking is not going to bother me.  I've been training for months to "hike away, hike away, hike away all."  But, I've got a case of both golfer's and tennis elbow (and I don't even play tennis...) so that may limit my participation...but I will use ice, heat, a TENS machine and some faith healer "bones and stones" just to extend my play.  We shall see...

I am really looking forward to the experience.  Travel a thousand miles, pay a thousand dollars only to trudge through the cold, misty air in pursuit of an occasional par.  Heck there's even a pretty good chance we'll get totally deuched by a whole lotta cold rain! gotta love 'em (us)!

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